Accessibility of Fisherman’s Bastion

Some useful information for wheelchair user guests visiting the Fisherman’s Bastion in the Buda Castle, Budapest.

Accessibility of Fisherman’s Bastion

Cobblestone pavement around Fisherman’s Bastion

Unfortunately the upper turrets of the Fisherman‘s Bastion in Budapest are not wheelchair  accessible, but the lower parts, ramparts, terraces offer great views for visitors in wheel chair  too, with some important considerations to keep in mind before making your visit: first, the area is mostly covered in cobblestones, but not everywhere, so the ride is occasionally bumpy and the cobblestones may affect the wheels of your wheelchair negatively.

For a better understanding what the surfaces look like near the Fisherman‘s Bastion and the Matthias Church, please zoom in on this view :

Accessing the Buda Castle area

Fisherman Bastion by Day

Fishermen’s Bastion – Bill Barber Photography

With these road circumstances in mind, if you decide to go ahead, and take the smoother pavements, and on some parts, the bumpier cobblestone ways to the bastion, we recommend to access the Buda Castle District by bus or taxi. There are public buses which are wheelchair friendly but please be prepared that the minibuses and the Castle buses are mostly crowded, and not easy to get on them with a wheelchair, unless the other guests – mostly tourists – are considerate enough to make you space on the bus (it should not be impossible but please do not be surprised to see fully packed buses in the Castle District).

From the bus one needs to get off at the Holy Trinity Square (Szentharomsag Ter): from there there is approximately 22 meters / 72 feet to cover as a distance – partly on smoother pavements and partly on cobblestone – to reach the Fisherman’s Bastion (right behind the Matthias Church).

Accessibility of Attractions near Fisherman’s Bastion

Holy Trinity Square has been recently renovated, and according to local wheelchair users, it is easily manageable with a mobile chair or wheelchair.
Matthias Church has got a rampart for wheelchair users, so it is also accessible for visitors.
In the nearby Hotel Hilton there are many accessible toilets that you can use.
Please note that the Buda Castle courtyards (next to the Budapest History Museum and the National Gallery) are all covered in cobblestones, which make them, unfortunately, not wheelchair friendly.

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