Fisherman’s Bastion Budapest

Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest is one of the top Budapest attractions without a doubt. The present day lovely lookout towers / decorative fortification of Fisherman’s Bastion were built in the 19th century to serve as a lookout tower for the best panoramic views in Budapest, Hungary. Needless to say, there used to be real castle walls where now you can take fantastic photos from, but the present day structure has never served as an actual fortification in Buda.

Fishermans Bastion Budapest

Fisherman’s Bastion Budapest / Karoly Meyer Photography

Quick Facts about the Fisherman’s Bastion Budapest

Budapest Fishermans Bastion in March

Budapest Fisherman’s Bastion – Claudia Y Ros Photography

  • Built from 1895 to 1902
  • Looks like the logo of Walt Disney films, only nicer and older
  • Open all year round, day and night
  • Entrance fee: free balconies combined with fee paying top turrets
  • 7 turrets to represent the 7 Hungarian tribes who founded the present day country in 895
  • Cafe on the terrace of the Fisherman’s Bastion Budapest
  • Chapel inside the Fisherman’s Bastion Budapest (open from March 2013)
  • Protected by the guild of the fishermen during the Middle Ages, hence the name

The views from the Fisherman’s Bastion well deserve their own special tower atop the Buda Castle Hill, as not only the Buda Castle but also the river views and the Danube riverfront sights are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

11 thoughts on “Fisherman’s Bastion Budapest

  1. Linds

    Love the photos and great information. I’ll be in Budapest in December, and I can’t wait to snap some pictures of Fisherman’s Bastion. Did you take your photos at night or early morning? I’m thinking a visit before sunrise might be ideal.

  2. Petr Procházka

    I am going to Budapest with my girlfriend this weekend …. I have heard that Fisherman’s bastion is amazing spot …. Could you please provide me some other further information? Is
    there some private place where we could be alone?

    Thank you very much for your response
    Best regards,

    Petr Procházka

      1. Fisherman's Bastion Post author

        Hello Petr, your comment has been edited. Please picture the Fisherman’s Bastion as an open air terrace with bastions / towers. It has 7 towers but none is private. There is also a cafe in a part of the bastion building where you can book a table. Hope this helps with some ideas for a romantic visit in Budapest:

  3. Bruce Cheney

    Is there a gift store there (or nearby) that sells replica plates from 1710 Hungary? We believe we purchased a replica plate in 2009 that was in a display case in the foyer area. It had “MJ” on the back and “Made in Hungary”. It was purchased in honor of my wife’s Hungarian grandmother. Unfortunately, it has been broken and we want to get another, if possible. If you can help, it would be very much appreciated. We will pay whatever cost is involved.

  4. Péter

    ??? Hogyan lehet az, hogy a Halászbástyának nincsen magyar nyelvű oldala??? S az, hogy ezen az oldalon sem lehet a nyelvek közül választani – Az is felháborító, hogy egy magyar államporgálnak belépőt kell fizetni, ha megakarja tekinteni örökségét. Katasztrófa!
    Gratulálok az I. kerület vezetésének! Büszkék lehetnek magukra…

  5. Julie

    Hello. After having a lovely day looking around the Fisherman’s Bastion I realised we were missing my daughters bag ( I think the strap must have broken and fallen off) it is a bright pink bag with some green on it and full of things for a toddler. I would really like to find the bag as it would make our trip away much easier. If it is handed in please could someone reply please.
    The view was spectacular and the musicians in the cafe were great.

  6. micaela

    could anyone please inform me the name of that wonderfully blooming tree on the courtyard of the fisherman bastion.

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