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Fisherman’s Bastion on Valentine’s Day

There is nothing more romantic than enjoying the fascinating panorama of Budapest from the top of the Buda Castle Hill. From the Fisherman’s Bastion you can admire the whole Pest side of the city, the amazing river Danube and the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site building of the Hungarian Parliament.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your better half doesn’t have to be expensive – the idea is more about being with someone you love and spend a great time together. And Budapest is a perfect choice for that.

Budget Programs on Valentine’s Day

View from Fishermans Bastion Luca Martino

View from Fishermans Bastion Luca Martino

Walk up to the Fisherman’s Bastion (or use the fun Funicular to get up to the Castle Hill), bring your own bottle of wine with 2 glasses and just immerse in the amazing views.
We recommend to come around sunset time (approx. 5 pm in mid-February) to make the moment even special. Fisherman’s Bastion (lower and upper towers too) in completely free to visit on Valentine’s Day.

Medium Priced Programs on Valentine’s Day

A great option for your Valentine’s Day celebration: the Castle Tour & Funicular & Cruise tour, which package can cover basically your whole day.

Funicular Budapest

Funicular Budapest

Budapest Evening Cruise

Start with a guided tour in the Buda Castle, learning some interesting things about the history of Budapest, then leave the Castle Hill by the unique Funicular (tip: amazing selfie spot!), also included in the price.

End the perfect day on a romantic evening cruise on the Danube, with a welcome drink in your hands, surrounded by the wonderful views of the riverside attractions.

Special Programs on Valentine’s Day

Dinner Cruise on Valentine’s Day in Budapest

After visiting the Fisherman’s Bastion and taking some great photos of the two of you in front of the Budapest views, you can use the Funicular to ride down from the Castle Hill.
From here, it is only a short (15 minutes) but romantic walk across the Chain Bridge to reach the Pest side and join some of the special festive Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruises. Advance booking for the cruises is recommended in advance to ensure your places.

New Year Fireworks from the Fisherman’s Bastion

Come to see the winter Fireworks on New Year’s Eve from the Fisherman’s Bastion if you are spending your New Year holiday in Budapest. Open all day and night and free to enter all December and January.

Budapest NYE Fishermans Bastion Sparkling Wine Matthias Book

Fisherman’s Bastion Dec 31 Matthias Book

Every year, on the last day of the year, Hungarians, expats and tourists come together to party in the streets, to watch the fireworks displays near the river Danube, and in all sorts of ways, to celebrate the New Year coming.

Entry to the Fisherman’s Bastion is free throughout the winter season (including Christmas), so do come to enjoy the views, the boats passing by  in Budapest. You can take a guided tour at the Fisherman’s Bastion and all around the Castle District from about €10 per person every day in the Buda Castle Budget Tour to learn about the history of the Fisherman’s Bastion and the medieval Castle later developed into a Habsburg Palace, now functioning as a museum.

Fishermans Bastion Budapest December Mispahn

Fishermans Bastion Budapest – Mispahn

If you also wish to visit the Matthias Church next to the Fisherman’s Bastion, you can choose the insightful small group Buda Castle & Church Tour.

Don’t forget to wear a warm coat, hat and gloves as most tours are outdoor walking tours in the medieval little hilltop town of the Castle District (there are Segway and Bus tours too) .

Buda Castle District Budapest Winter Tours Mispahn

Buda Castle District – Mispahn

Discount Entry to Fisherman’s Bastion with Budapest Card

The price of Fisherman’s Bastion tickets is already very favourable (especially compared to the

Romantic Fishermans Bastion Benedetto Conte

Romantic Fishermans Bastion Benedetto Conte

breathtaking panorama you get to see from the top), but you can still reduce it with some discount if you have a valid Budapest Card with you.

The Budapest Card provides a 10% discount from the adult price of the Fisherman’s Bastion entry.

Booking Budapest Card with Free Card Delivery

Book your Budapest Card now online in advance: Budapest Card Booking

Perhaps some of the best features of the Budapest Card is that right in the Buda Castle District it offers multiple free entries and even a free guided walking tour on the Buda Hills.

Discounts and Free Tickets with Budapest Card in the Buda Castle

  • 10% off Admission to the Fisherman’s Bastion Budapest
  • Free Entrance to the 3D Film History of Hungary in the Fisherman’s Bastion (St Michael’s Chapel) in the Buda Castle
  • Free Entrance to the Budapest History Museum in the Buda Castle
  • Free Entrance to the Hungarian National Gallery in the Buda Castle
  • Free Walking Tour in the Buda Castle Courts and District

And all these discounts are just some of the major savings in your Budapest holiday (there are many more free museum entries, a free thermal bath ticket, etc.)

Fireworks Show and Dinner on Budapest Fishermans Bastion Restaurant

August 20 Fireworks from the Fisherman’s Bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion is a wonderful spot to admire the famous Fireworks Show in Budapest, which is held on August 20 every year.

On this date, Hungarians celebrate the state, the first king (St. Stephen) and the new bread of the year.

The Fireworks Show traditionally starts at 9pm, but we recommend you to arrive early if you wish to get a good place, and be prepared to some crowd.

The Fisherman’s Bastion is free to visit all day on Aug 20.

Further tips & information: Aug 20 National Holiday

Accessibility of Fisherman’s Bastion

Some useful information for wheelchair user guests visiting the Fisherman’s Bastion in the Buda Castle, Budapest.

Accessibility of Fisherman’s Bastion

Cobblestone pavement around Fisherman’s Bastion

Unfortunately the upper turrets of the Fisherman‘s Bastion in Budapest are not wheelchair  accessible, but the lower parts, ramparts, terraces offer great views for visitors in wheel chair  too, with some important considerations to keep in mind before making your visit: first, the area is mostly covered in cobblestones, but not everywhere, so the ride is occasionally bumpy and the cobblestones may affect the wheels of your wheelchair negatively.

For a better understanding what the surfaces look like near the Fisherman‘s Bastion and the Matthias Church, please zoom in on this view :

Accessing the Buda Castle area

Fisherman Bastion by Day

Fishermen’s Bastion – Bill Barber Photography

With these road circumstances in mind, if you decide to go ahead, and take the smoother pavements, and on some parts, the bumpier cobblestone ways to the bastion, we recommend to access the Buda Castle District by bus or taxi. There are public buses which are wheelchair friendly but please be prepared that the minibuses and the Castle buses are mostly crowded, and not easy to get on them with a wheelchair, unless the other guests – mostly tourists – are considerate enough to make you space on the bus (it should not be impossible but please do not be surprised to see fully packed buses in the Castle District).

From the bus one needs to get off at the Holy Trinity Square (Szentharomsag Ter): from there there is approximately 22 meters / 72 feet to cover as a distance – partly on smoother pavements and partly on cobblestone – to reach the Fisherman’s Bastion (right behind the Matthias Church).

Accessibility of Attractions near Fisherman’s Bastion

Holy Trinity Square has been recently renovated, and according to local wheelchair users, it is easily manageable with a mobile chair or wheelchair.
Matthias Church has got a rampart for wheelchair users, so it is also accessible for visitors.
In the nearby Hotel Hilton there are many accessible toilets that you can use.
Please note that the Buda Castle courtyards (next to the Budapest History Museum and the National Gallery) are all covered in cobblestones, which make them, unfortunately, not wheelchair friendly.